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Doug Buckingham

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Doug Buckingham

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Approx. Location: The Lee, Buckinghamshire

Telephone Number: 07979750291

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Suitable for: Talks/Seminars, Workshops/Courses, Classes, Conferences, Other, TV/Radio Shows, Webinars

Subject(s): Past Life Regression, Regression Therapy, Hypnosis, Life between Lives

I am a Hypnosis, Regression Therapy and Life between Lives Trainer, who has an abundance of experience in this fascinating area, having run Hypnosis and Regression Training programmes in the UK, Mexico and South Africa, and shorter workshops
in Belgium, Switzerland, Ireland, Lithuania and Sardinia.

I am one of the founders of Cara - The Centre of Transformation and Empowerment - who run accredited courses in hypnosis, Regression and Reiki in the UK, Europe and Latin America.

I am always interested in new opportunities in any country, or part of the UK, that you care to mention for talks, workshops or more.

I would be delighted to hear from you.

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