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DNA, Karma & Cellular Cleansing with Violet Flame

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Jayn Lee-Miller

The Academy of Angelic Healing

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Date: 18th October 2019

Time: 7:30 PM - 10:30 PM

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Date: 25th October 2019

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Date: 1st December 2019

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Address: Academy of Angelic Healing, 17 Wellington Terrace, Harrow on the Hill, London, Middlesex. HA1 3EP

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Telephone Number: 0208 422 9308

Price: £30

Clear your anscestral DNA of negative programming

My most popular workshop now includes a visit to your own Akashic Records Library to bring back a gift or talent from your soul to use in this lifetime and to further release karma and forgiveness.

Monday 10th June 7.30pm-10.30pm £30
Also: Wednesday 19th June 7pm-10pm, Friday 12th July 10.30am-2pm, Thursday 8th August 7pm-10pm, Friday 11th October 10.30am-2pm, Friday 25th October 10.30am-2pm, Friday 1st November 10.30am-2pm, Thursday 7th November 7pm-10pm Friday 6th December 10.30am-2pm

This is my most intensive workshop so be prepared for a powerful experience and life changes!

We will invoke Archangel Michael to cut any unnecessary cords and ask him to release us from karma so we can enjoy a karma free existence.

We will then call upon Archangels Michael and Zadkiel and the new heightened energies of the Violet Flame of Transmutation to clear our DNA of all toxins and release cellular memories from our ancestral line for seven generations.

We will also be invoking Djwal Khul and ask to personally be removed from the Fear Matrix and request him to help to assist us with our spiritual growth.

Stored within the DNA and cellular memories of our parents when we were conceived, we hold all their fears, angers and misapprehensions from wars, hardships, famines, etc. and also from our ancestral line. By clearing this, we are serving our ancestors going back seven generations and we will also ask for a clearing for the whole race of mankind. You will find this will greatly benefit your relationships.

As the energies of the Violet Flame are now translucent and therefore working on an extremely high vibration, its use is even more powerful than ever before.

I will also answer any questions you may have about angels or spiritual matters.

The Violet Flame is a gift to the Earth that can help you transform your life for the better. Once, only the sages who had access to the most esoteric of knowledge knew how to use this Universal force of alchemy which can transmute the lowest energies into the highest. This all changed in August 1987 when dispensation was given for the Violet Flame to be made available for the benefit of mankind and the earth. In 1998 the Silver Ray of Grace and Harmony, under the guardianship of Archangel Zadkiel was made available to humanity and merged with the Violet Flame of Transmutation to create the Silver Violet Flame of Transmutation and Mercy, increasing its power even further. Recently, after the Ascension date in linear time of 21.12.12, the Violet Flame has become so refined that it is now translucent and is more powerful and beautiful than ever.

But how can we safely and effectively use this Flame? This will be taught during this powerful and beautiful workshop with Jayn Lee Miller who will invoke Archangel Zadkiel and the Ascended Master, Saint Germain, the custodians of the Violet Flame. This workshop will include meditations and energetic healing exercises invoking the Violet Flame for personal and planetary transmutation. The Violet Flame can be used for a variety of cleansing alchemical purposes from clearing our energy body and our space to clearing away karmic ties. It also has the power to reveal the true nature of our spiritual destiny and connect us to the Divine. We will also touch on the many interesting lifetimes of Saint-Germain who was originally given custody of the Reiki symbols when he was in Atlantis.

Please email or call 0208 422 9308 or 07925 127222 to book.

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