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Gentle Power Shining Self The Hand Mudras of Yoga

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Susan Ni Rahilly

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Time: 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM


Price: €15 [euro]

The Hand Mudras of Yoga e-course download with Susan in Ireland

Guided Practices
to prepare for Meditation
with Susan Ni Rahilly/suZenYoga
Audio Download total running time 62 mins

Gentle Power is within you, and it subtly illuminates your Shining Self within

In this series of guided practices, GENTLE POWER, SHINING SELF, we're working with an awareness of elements in our energy as a way of deepening our awareness and understanding of the gentle subtleties of our inner world which, with time and patience, ultimately lead us to the discovery of the Shining Self within.

And I've also included to complement your Hand Mudra practice, the subtly powerful Universal Heart Chakra Meditation which we practice with the Heart Hand Mudra or Hridaya Mudra and which I hope will bring you a sense of deep inner peace and gentle power many, many times.

The Mudras redirect Prana your life force energy back into the body/mind system and help strengthen the link between the physical, the mental and the pranic bodies . . . ultimately establishing balance to bring about higher states of consciousness. And bringing the light of Prana to shine on the Self within.

Go to the website for content information, running times and download link.

Practised regularly GENTLE POWER, SHINING SELF will help build your sense and experience of your subtle, gentle healing power within you and your appreciation of your inner Shining Self.

Music: Silver Waves by Silencio. Total running time 62 minutes. Format: MP3

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