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Emotional Detox

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Heinz Gerd Lange


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Time: 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Address: Eden Rise Centre,, Sandwell Barns, Totnes,, Devon. TQ9 7LJ

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Telephone Number: +49 17678707414

Price: £595

Refreshments: all inclusive (food/accom.)

Release and heal your shadow emotions presented by Heinz Gerd and Lera Lange

Many of our feelings we judged and suppress. We don’t want to feel or show them and sometimes we are even ashamed of them. Unresolved these feelings silently infest and permeate our psyche and create havoc in our life and well-being. Anything that we resist will persist! Anything suppressed that is released, creates new personal space that can be filled with consciously chosen emotions and new pattern for interacting with others.

In this retreat we support you in clearing and healing deep rooted emotions and pattern of behaviour and reaction. In an environment with love and care present and with the support of like-minded, open people we explore and identify these deeply embedded, subconscious triggers and release them.

The result is more personal freedom, a more peaceful approach to life and a much lighter, more joyful experience of your life.

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