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Authentic Heart Retreat

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stephanie everitt

Soul Expression

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Time: 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Address: the cottage woodfarm House, Broomsthorpe Road Helhoughton, Broomsthorpe Road, Helhoughton, Fakenham, norfolk. NR21 7BT

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Telephone Number: 07760401358

Price: £395

Re-connect with your authentic self

During our lifetime we concoct a variety of guises that enable us, or so we believe, to function in the world. We create masks to hide behind, facades to show the world and defences to barricade out all that we see as unwanted. These may have protected us at times of, what the personality perceived as, crisis. However, all we have really done is created a massive smoke screen that may deceive others to our true feelings, it may even convince our personality that we are fine but it certainly does not deceive the Soul. What it does is cut us off from our true feelings, our heart’s desires and the unwavering love of the Soul. The Soul’s love is always there, but when we are behind our barricades we cannot perceive it. ******************************************************
As spiritual beings on a physical experience we are here on Earth as a vehicle for the Soul’s learning and growth. The Soul sees its vehicle with a pure and unconditional love, we are, after all, the Soul’s extension into physical matter. All the Soul wants for us, is to realise our divine selves and live in love through an open heart.

As human beings we just love to complicate things, setting all sorts of rules and regulations. These rules and regulations are all ways we think we are protecting ourselves from pain, hurt, rejection, grief or failure. The list is long of all the things that we, as personalities, deem undesirable. Adhering to these rules and clinging tightly to our facades takes such a lot of our precious energy, eventually leaving us exhausted from the effort of it all. ******************************************************
Imagine what a relief it would be if we could let go of all of these constructed defences, releasing our grip on the masks and the barricades.

Imagine a life where we live authentically with an open heart, recognising the gentle beings that we really are. Offering ourselves just as we are and recognising others just as they are. Lovingly accepting ourselves and others, living in authenticity and wholeness. Just being..... ******************************************************During Authentic Heart Retreat we will, through meditation and contemplative processes, gently release our masks and meet our authentic selves, nurturing a deeper, heart-centred relationship with ourselves. We will be spending some of the time outdoors in the grounds & gardens allowing Mother Nature to work her healing magic. There will also be times of individual contemplation where you will be free to wander as your heart guides. ******************************************************Authentic Heart Retreat is held in Grade II listed 17C Woodfarm House, Helhoughton, Norfolk. Full of history and with beautifully tranquil gardens & woodland. This retreat is fully vegetarian catered.

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