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META-Kinetics Advanced Practitioner Part B - Robert Waghmare

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Robert Waghmare

META-Health Academy Ltd

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Time: 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Address: St Johns Hotel, 651 Warwick Road, Solihull, United Kingdom. B91 1AT

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Telephone Number: 0845 838 6787

Price: £595

Refreshments: Tea & Biscuits

Advanced Synthesis of META-Health & Cyberkinetics - Solihull, United Kingdom

META-Kinetics is a unique superfast, comprehensive and accurate META-Health enquiry methodology.

META-Kinetics uses Kinesiology (muscle testing) to access detailed and precise information information from the sub and super-conscious circuitry (matrix of information).

META-KINETICS enables you to:

- Get to the root emotional cause of health issues
- Capture hidden details regarding contextual tracks and triggers
- Do META-Health scans and get a complete overview of all biological survival programmes stresses affecting your client
- Discover the body's No 1 priority for healing
- Uncover and release hidden stresses easily
- Find the body's preferred therapeutic corrections for transforming any health issue

Level 2 takes Practitioners to a deeper level understanding and skill. The Advanced Practitioner course includes:

- Advanced Cyberkinetics tools and approaches
- META-Kinetics Non-Linear Analysis - identifying how health issues are interconnected
- Advanced questioning approaches
- Identifying and defining constellations
- Working with the Chakra and Meridian Systems to balance and strengthen clients' energy systems

This course is open to those who have successfully completed META-Kinetics Level 1.

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Call: 0845 838 6787

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