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META-Health Master Practitioner, Module 3 - R Waghmare

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Robert Waghmare

META-Health Academy Ltd

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Time: 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Address: St Johns Hotel, 651 Warwick Road, Solihull, United Kingdom. B91 1AT

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Telephone Number: 0845 838 6787

Price: £2,695 for Master Practitioner course

Refreshments: Tea & Biscuits

Become an IMMA Licensed META-Health Master Practitioner

Join our META-Health Master Practitioner Training programme

- Are you looking for a career in the growing field of integrative health?
- Are you already a META-Health Practitioner looking for the next level of understanding and skills?
- Join this advanced course to gain a new empowering view of health, help clients and transform your own personal development.

On our Master Practitioner course, you'll learn META-Health techniques for getting to the root cause of clients' health issues, and gain advanced skills in non-linear enquiry, coaching, therapy planning and transformational therapy.


* Learn how to do non-linear enquiry with META-Health to find the interconnections between symptom patterns
* Explore Constellations and psychological issues more deeply
* Discover how to use META-Health with transformational therapy
* Learn how to coach clients to wellness and motivate them to take action
* Gain effective ways for addressing the emotions and beliefs behind health issues
* Create META-Therapy plans
* Gain coaching and tips on setting up your own META-Health Practice

This is a highly practical and transformational course, in which you'll have opportunities to address your own barriers as well as learning how to work with clients!

Our META-Health Master Practitioner Training is a 6-month programme that centres around 3 live modules in the UK.

Module 1: 9-12 November 2017
Module 2: 22-25 February 2018

Your Trainers

This advanced course is taught by two of the world's leading Master Trainers, Robert Waghmare and Joanne Ross.

They are two of the leading developers in META-Health, having developed META-Kinetics, the Emotional Pattern Elicitation Process and the Fusion Process.

Their deep knowledge of mind-body healing and passion for their work ensures that the course is enlightening, enjoyable and above all, transformational!

Robert is also an AAMET EFT Advanced Trainer and Joanne is an AAMET EFT Advanced Practitioner. They synthesise several advanced approaches in their coaching and training, including META-Kinetics, NLP, Access Consciousness, the Human Design system and wellness coaching.

They have been training META-Health since 2007, and ensure that their courses are enjoyable, transformational and packed with learning and development!

Find out more:

Phone: 0845 838 6787

We look forward to welcoming you onto the course!

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