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Magicians in the Matrix

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Gill Matini

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Time: 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Address: The College of Psychic Studies, 16 Queensberry Place, South Kensington, UK. SW7 2EB

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Price: £75/£95

2017 sees many of us freed from the restrictions of the lower density programs.

Now we re-enter the matrix and as the title of this workshop suggests, become magicians rewriting and reformatting our realities as we build the new Earth. We may find ourselves unsure of how to navigate the higher frequencies.

Even those who are well along the path of their spiritual experience may find themselves feeling untethered in the face of the new energetic reality. In a sense, the rules have changed, including the conventional wisdom and teachings of many spiritual/esoteric circles.

In this workshop you will:
Experience several guided meditations to anchor and ground the higher frequency energies
Cover the four stages of human spiritual growth and expansion
Create your emotional architecture to build a container to begin deliberate interface with spirit
• Liberate yourself from the needs of the mind to have "the plan"
• Receive group as well as individual energy work
• Set yourself free from outdated scripts, programs and agreements
• Learn simple yet practical affirmations to bring in powerful shifts
• Open up the path to consciously aligning with your divine blueprint
• Gain a clearer understanding of how to manifest in the higher energies of 5D reality

Andrew Martin is an intuitive and energy worker. A series of transcendent and clairaudient experiences between 1995 and 2012 left him suddenly awakened and on an accelerated path of expansion.
His entertaining and down to earth approach assists people in unlocking powerful, lasting, change. His work can be the catalyst for life altering shifts and transformation.

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