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The Art of Automatic Writing

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Gill Matini

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Date: 1st July 2017

Time: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Address: The College of Psychic Studies, 16 Queensberry Place, South Kensington, UK. SW7 2EB

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Price: £75/£95

The aim of this workshop is to understand and experience automatic writing by Spirit.

Channelled writing can be information for oneself from spirit or guidance and understanding for others.
We will open the connection to those in spirit who wish to write through you, whether you have previous experience or not.

By understanding the process and various levels of connection and awareness, you can strengthen your link to your guides and give them more freedom to work.

We will also look at releasing blockages in both your thoughts and energies to allow a better flow of words and communication. Techniques and exercises will be used to build on what you are already doing with spirit, as well as challenging you to new ways of working.

This workshop will cover:
The mechanics of automatic writing
Connecting with spirit
Allowing the words to flow
Applications of automatic writing

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