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Merlin and the Dragons Summer Solstice Retreat

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Alphedia Arara Kenchington

Elemental Beings

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Time: 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Address: Barmolloch Cottages, Kilmichael Glen, Nr. Ford, Lochgilphead, Argyll. PA31 8RJ

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Price: £475

Refreshments: All meals included in the package

Scotland and Distance

Scottish Author and Channel Alphedia Arara and her husband Auraengus this year invite you to a Summer Solstice Retreat with The Celtic Wizard Merlin and the Dragons.

Located in the stunning Kilmichael Glen in Argyll in Western Scotland, very near the Kilmartin Stone Circle Complex which is the largest Megalithic site in the world.

Merlin is a powerful Earth healer, alchemist and transformer magician. Many of you will have trained under Merlin at some point in your life and be carrying his Vortex within your heart centre. This Merlin Vortex is an incredibly powerful tool for healing.

He has come forward to offer you an energy upgrade as an alchemist and healer and to initiate you into the Order of Merlin.

Whether you have trained in Merlin Vortex in this lifetime or not, here is an opportunity for you to practice your Merlin Vortex work and/or be re awoken into this healing modality.

Auraengus is a long time member of the Order of Merlin and will channel Merlin and assist and instruct you with your Merlin Vortex work.

Alphedia has channelled many Merlin workshops in the past and they have all been powerful.

The Dragon Realm has also come forward to help you prepare your energy fields for the new energies to be downloaded this retreat and those arriving in the latter part of the year.

The Dragons will also be helping us with activating the portals in Kilmartin Glen and at Dunadd Fort on the Solstice.

Personal channelled messages and healings will be offered for all attendees.

This will be an uplifting and life transforming Retreat for your soul this solstice.

The retreat will be held at a new spiritual centre in Kilmichael Glen set at a small holding with ducks, chickens and rare sheep.

Surrounded with forests, a river to meander along you will have the opportunity to rest and revive, as you do your spiritual work in this lovely high energy location.

The Retreat will begin at:

2pm on Tuesday 20th June 2017

and will run until

11am on Friday 23rd June.

The whole retreat will be channelled ( so is open to change – depending on requirements and participants at the time! ).

On the First day of the retreat there will be a Dragon workshop. Alphedia Arara will channel live a Dragon workshop on the first afternoon of the retreat and the Dragons will share with you their wisdom and healing powers.

Later on that day you will get your Merlin Vortex wheels activated and/or re awakened, and be instructed in and practice Vortex healing with Auraengus and Merlin

On the day of the solstice we will gather at Sunrise and drum in the longest day of the year connecting with the Fairies and Elementals.

We will meditate after breakfast in the centre.

Then travel to Kilmartin Glen and visit the sites, do Earth healing work, communicate with the Star Beings and activate any codes required with the crystal skulls.

For lunch we will take packed lunches but also visit the Kilmartin Cafe and museum.

In the evening we will do a Solstice Transmission Workshop and then have a fire to sing and drum around – weather permitting.

You will also receive Dragon skull healing and a Star Being Workshop on the night of the solstice.

The third day of the retreat you will work with Merlin preparing to be initiated into the Order of Merlin then find out your role in it and how to work with these new energies. The New Light will be brought onto the Planet by Merlin on this day.

You will have plenty of time to spend with Alphedia and Auraengus and ask for guidance on your spiritual journey while on this retreat.

Alphedia is a powerful channel and her retreats always provide participants with the opportunity to receive personal messages, guidance and wisdom on their soul journey, as well as Earth healing work.

There is plenty of laughter and many lifelong friendships are made on the Retreats. There will also be an outdoor hot tub available for use at this location so bring your swimsuit and a towel!

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