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Spiritual Awakening - A Survival Guide

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Nikki Dore

Daimon Mediation

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Time: 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Address: Curious Duke Gallery, 173 Whitecross Street, London, London. EC1Y 8JT

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Price: £6.00

Refreshments: Wine and Soft Drinks

Navigating your way through unlocking your new psychic abilities

OMG This is amazing!

A spiritual awakening it can be very exciting time, we are learning new abilities, our world is changing and expanding everyday it seems like. We are experiencing things with new eyes, things feel more vibrant, we are in our bliss….

Then there is a crash, an unexpected bill breaks our bank, an argument with the partner, we don’t get that promotion we wanted etc….and our bliss seems to have dissipated into the air, everything returns to normal.

Navigating your way through your new psychic and mediumistic abilities can be difficult, which is why this talk is perfect for you, I will give you a practical and often humorous look at how to manage this change in your life.

The price includes:

Free Gift

Doors open at 18:30 for a 19:00 start, the beautiful intimate venue is standing only.

2 tickets for £10 so bring a friend or join me in mulitple talks to become an #occultpreneur

#mediumship #Psychic #Lightworkers #energyworkers

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