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Source & Synchronicities

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Liliana Hackner

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Time: 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Address: Woburn House, 20-24 Tavistock Square, London. WC1H 9HQ

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Telephone Number: 07789710627Helen

Price: £0-300

Refreshments: Tea and coffee during breaks. Lunch can be bought (veg and vegan and gluten free options available) or you can bring with you

Enter a Life of Synchronicities


Please click on download PDF flyer link below to see the beautiful brochure for more details.

We are bringing you great news of a powerful upgrade of the Phenomenon & the Gift (P&G) course on the 30 September and 1 October in London and are wholeheartedly inviting you
to join us for this powerful weekend, which for the first time will be launched in the world - in Europe. The new upgraded course is called "The Source & the Synchronicities”.
Its predecessor has within a short time reached over 20,000 people on all the continents and has been a great success.
We can only imagine what is awaiting us with this powerful upgrade, but we shall only know if we come and experience.
The new course will help us to not only connect, but lock the power of the Source (in the form that is closest to your heart - be it the Universal Energy, Highest Intelligence, Highest Guidance, the Highest Sacred Self, Golden Orb, Divine or any other Sacred Form - however you prefer to call It) into our consciousness, and teach us the Science of creating synchronicities, so that we can all enjoy such a life full of synchronicities, where everything is flowing smoothly, we feel fully loved and supported by the whole Universe, which in every moment brings us what we need and love. The focus will mainly be on three important for everyone areas: 1. Health, 2. Wealth, 3. Relationships, and is very relevant for everyone. Please read more in the attached brochure.
The course is secular and open to all. People do not need any prior knowledge or skills to participate and will benefit loads.

What we see in the world right now and what is happening with nature is urging us to speed up our own growth, as what is "outside" us is reflecting what is deep within us...Years ago Sri Bhagavan, the founder of Oneness said this was urgent. Well, now it is more urgent than ever...

If you haven't done it yet, please take a while to read this very beautiful brochure and we really hope that your Highest Guidance within (or however you call It) will pull you to join us at this very first special event in London and we are praying that all the obstacles on your way are removed, so you can happily participate. We'll be very happy to have you with us.

This whole process is a collective process...and each one is a very important part of it :-) <3

Those of you who have already signed up - thank you, we are sure we will have a very, very special weekend together in London with all the other European participant countries and the O&O Academy. Europe is blessed to be the first continent where this new powerful course will be taught.

Also, we'd be very grateful if you would like to share these news with your friends, family, colleagues, so that the hall which is chosen for this event in London (in Woburn House) is filled with happy participants, benefitting from this huge opportunity and the event will rock the UK, Ireland and Europe and a powerful wave of beautiful energy will affect each country and the world.


Please click on download PDF flyer link below to see the beautiful brochure for more details.

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