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Chakra Discovery Day by Bio-energy healing with Felicity

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felicity Argent

bio-energy healing with Felicity

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Time: 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Address: The centre of wellbeing, 39 London Road, Sawbridgeworth, Herts. CM21 9EH

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Telephone Number: 07910939322

Price: £37

Introduction to the human energy field, with mediation and activities

Come and take a journey through your chakra system on this one day interactive and fun workshop with Felicity.

Every one of us has a unique energy system made up of different electromagnetic fields in a wide range of frequencies. This is called our bioenergy field. Our bioenergy field reflects the condition of our physical body, our thoughts, and also the influence of our environment. Therefore, our bioenergy field is like a mirror, showing us the changes occurring in our internal body as well as the external elements affecting it. It is a good indicator of our health and mindset.

During this workshop you will learn more about this bio-energy field, and the chakra system which is part of it; the wheels of energy spinning within your body. Find out what issues sabotage the health of each chakra and how this manifests physically, mentally, emotional and energetically. Learn to tell whether a chakra is spinning nicely in balance or whether it has got sluggish or has too much energy there. You'll recognise yourself and your loved ones as we go throughout the day. It'll help you understand what makes people tick!

We’ll be exploring activities such as meditation, movement, the use of sound, creativity and how objects like crystals can bring balance to your energy system. You’ll be able to use these techniques at home to keep yourself feeling balanced.

We won’t have time to delve really deep into the energy system as it’s very complex and would take more than a day to fully explore, so this course is aimed at those with little to intermediate knowledge of the human energy field, or for those who want to refresh their knowledge. It'll give you a good understanding and the practices will send you home feeling great.

Light refreshments will be provided, you'll need to bring some lunch, but the most important aspect is that you come with an open mind and an open heart.

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