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Co-creation with Crystals for Healing - Findhorn retreat

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Robert Burlinson

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Time: 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Address: Findhorn Foundation Cluny Hill, St. Leonards Road, Forres, Forres, Moray, Scotland. IV36 2RD

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Telephone Number: (0)1309 690311

Price: £ Tiered price - £690 / £840 / £1110

Refreshments: The week includes full board, accommodation and refreshments

Healing workshop retreat week in Scotland

Facilitated by Robert Burlinson at the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland

The mineral kingdom was the first to exist on planet Earth. Crystals are the highest expression of the mineral kingdom. Their regular inner geometric structure is unique in nature and can help to anchor Light upon the planet and within ourselves.

At this moment of environmental stress humanity has a great responsibility to work cooperatively alongside the kingdoms of nature. In this workshop, as well as learning the basics and practical side of working with the mineral kingdom, you will experience how to respectfully attune to the crystals, the subtle realms, and nature’s intelligence, and how to be of service in co-creating a better world for all; to help heal yourself, your environment, and the planet. You will learn what kind of crystals are best to work with in different circumstances and for different kinds of work

The week will include profound meditations and healings and work outdoors in nature, all within the magical environment of the Findhorn Foundation.

All crystals are provided on the workshop, with a wide selection available for you to experience their different energetic qualities. However, feel free to bring any personal crystals with you.

You will learn:

• What crystals are
• How to choose, cleanse and care for crystals
• How to tune into and sense the energies of crystals
• How to communicate and co-create with crystals and the mineral kingdom
• How to ground, strengthen, cleanse, and protect the energy field
• The range of crystal vibrations and harmonies: from earthing crystals to very high frequency crystals, and how to match these to the human energy field
• Crystals that can help with stress
• Energetic space clearing
• How to work with crystals to connect with our guidance, the subtle realms, nature’s
intelligence (the Devic kingdoms), the angelic realms and the Divine
• About the subtle anatomy system
• How to be a channel for subtle energy
• How crystals can help us access higher awareness, transform old patterns, integrate our shadows and develop spiritually
• Techniques for healing both the self and the greater whole
• Historical and ancient awareness of crystals
• How to work with crystals in everyday life​

The week is suitable for beginners as well as those more experienced with crystals and energy work.

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