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Time: 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Address: The Columbia Hotel,95-99 Lancaster Gate, London, London. W2 3NS

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Price: £500 - or Early Bird sale £350 thru June 15, 2018

Refreshments: Snacks

LIVE YOUR MAGIC - Live in London - With Megan Sillito

This workshop is calling YOU, the energy mage, the magical healer, the seer, the weird one who KNOWS your magic and yet … you haven’t quite been able to actualize all of it …

YOU! The one that knows there is more to life …
Like magic, miracles, & things beyond this reality that your cognitive mind could never grasp …
but you as the infinite being in all your wonderment … you just know.

What if there was a space to grow this knowing? A space of total freedom to be YOU? A space where your capacities would be unveiled and turned up?

This space is LIVE YOUR MAGIC.

And this is your invitation to wipe away all your past limitations
and access your magic organically.

In this 2.5 day class you will not only access your MAGIC but you will experience a space of no judgement that allows you to TURN UP your capacities and go to places beyond where you have ever dared to go.

Look forward to:

- Activating Your Potency
- Experiencing the Magic Carpet Ride and Escaping this Right or Wrong Reality
- Playfully connecting with the Magic of YOU
- Being changed cellularly by Megan’s signature Molecular Infusion process.
- Transcending what You Are Calling Problems
- Going into the Heart of the Dragon to access the Purity of You and Your Creations

Are you ready for an experiential workshop where you clear what’s in the way of living your magic Every. Damn. Day?

Want to know more about Megan Sillito and her magic?

Ready to Live Your Magic?

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