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Deepening our Connection with our Spirit Team Guides

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Sue Allen

School of Intuition & Healing

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Time: 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Address: Clean Break, 2 Patshull Road, London. NW5 2LB

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Telephone Number: 0208 778 2763

Price: £75

Refreshments: Yes

with Elizabeth Rudwick

On this Day we will be exploring different ways in which we can deepen our connection with our Spirit Team Guides. This is a vast area and for this day we will move through the main areas giving a solid base for further exploration. This workshop will touch on over 30 years of explorations and learning through various modalities and teachings from my own Spirit Teams including Sacred Places in the Wild. The day will be a mixture of Presentation – Discussion with Questions and Sharing – with experiential work individually ending with Group Sounding in Sacred Space.

We will touch on these main areas:-

Energy Management – nuts and bolts of connecting with our Soul and Spirit
Shifting Awareness – Internal And External – Step 1 we are Multi-dimensional Beings
Etheric Travel And Shamanic Journeying – Step 2 to Shifting Awareness
Working With Extended Chakras Outside Of The Body – giving us greater access to Higher Vibrational Resonance and Spirit Realms connected to Gaia
Journeying And Visualisation – Different ways to access Dimensions
Moving Between 3d And 5d and beyond – We are Spirit
Invocation Service And Prayer - Hearing the Calling to be Authentic Sovereign Selves
Heart And Universal Heart – All is LOVE the Highest Vibration
Use Of Sound And Image

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