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Tantric Breathwork

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Time: 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Address: Eden Rise Retreat Centre, Sandwell Farm, Near Totnes, Devon. TQ9 7LJ

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Telephone Number: 07446 052313

Price: £195 early bird. £225 full - & accommodation

Refreshments: Yes

Centred in Love, Grounded in Infinity

"There is another way, a breath of love,
That takes you all the way to infinity" (Rumi)

What if you could free up a flow of energy within you that releases stress (so you can start feeling relaxed again), or find stillness and deepen you spiritually?
How would your life be enriched if you could awaken and energise the ecstatic potential of your sexuality?
What if you could learn to transform stress and fear into relaxation and centered presence?

Tantra is a spiritual path of transformation and expansion, embracing all facets of life, helping us unite sex, love and spirit / body, heart and mind.
Breathwork (Conscious breathing) has an amazing, gentle power that can bring you back to life and totally transform your relationship to yourself and your world.
We will weave these methods together in new and unique ways to inspire and empower you.

Imagine knowing how to :
Sooth your stress,
Expand your energy AND
Unify your sexuality and spirituality
through the simple yet profound power of your breath!

This weekend you will :

Explore body-heart and Mind in new ways that will help you feel centered, harmonious and connected.
Discover Through a tantric approach - meditation, embracing our humanity, and celebrating love as a spiritual path we come to remember our essential nature - loving, OPEN and FREE.
Practice a range of breath-based techniques and meditations ranging from simple, easy and gentle to more demanding, complex and vigorous.
Learn how bringing awareness, energy and relaxation to this most basic life process brings powerful and direct results : increasing clarity, connection and bliss.

This course is for you if -

You want to shift feeling overwhelmed into a sense of contentment or joy.
You are ready for more peace in your life. You know it’s possible, but you’re not sure how to get there.
You are already experiencing the benefits of meditation or yoga and want to take it to the next level.
You are ready to feel more inspired, everyday! And you know it’s possible even if you’re struggling right now.

Eden Rise, near Totnes, Devon
14-16th September 2018
Price, including food and accommodation :
£195 if booked and paid by 24th August
£225 from 25th August

Bookings -

Enquiries -
Tel - 07446 052313l

The workshop is facilitated by Suta. He has been working with breath, meditation and the healing arts for 30 years and has been teaching tantra internationally for 10 years.

“ I aim to provide you with sufficient experience and knowledge to have started a breathwork practice that becomes a part of you - if done consistently and with sincerity it will help you become unstuck, inspired, clear and creative. “

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