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Conversation with Archangel Michael

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Time: 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Address: Global Online Teleconference, London. SW1W 8BB

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Price: £75

Angelic Enchantments & Celestial Empowerments

Angelic Enchantments & Celestial Empowerments for You
with Archangel Michael
and the
Angelic Emissary – Stewart Pearce

Sunday, September 16th
8pm UK /3pm Eastern/12pm Pacific for ninety minutes.

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The feast of Archangel Michael and all Angels draws nigh on September 29th, and in honor of this event which times the beginning of Autumn and the ending of Harvest in the northern hemisphere, Stewart will channel MICHAEL in a unique conversation - for your empowerment, enchantment and edification!

Michael wishes to talk with you about extraordinary events occurring on his planet, the Sun, which lies at the very heart of our Universe, and gives life to Planet Earth. Michael wishes to emit for you powerful frequencies to allow equanimity and grace to fill your pranic cord, and to bring grace to your soul and body!


how to perceive current planetary changes from an Angelic perspective
how to create stairways to heaven, through enchantment and mantra, in order to be at one with the Source for soul elevation
how to tap the heart of the Universe, to nourish your own heart as a seat of the human soul, allowing Soul Truths to be expressed
how to regenerate and sanctify your soul as change occurs
how to tune your heart to the Angel’s heart beat, so as to be enveloped with their love, then any challenge may be endured
how to feel each of the Angels of Atlantis feeding your neural pathways providing unique data just for you.
You will be able to converse with Michael through an online chat platform that allows directing questioning, and therefore you will receive a download of exceptionally high vibrational frequency.

Accompanying these energies will be prayers and mantra, locating and enhancing the force from Michael, providing you with special ‘takeaways’ including a unique MANDALA, that will allow you to feel the energies continuing to assist your soul’s path!

Many events are foretold for Planet Earth, and Stewart looks forward to helping you relate to them so that your life is never the same again - so that you feel uplifted by Angelic Grace – and heart to heart, soul to soul with each other through the ninety minute broadcast.

Angelic love & light


*A recorded replay will be available upon request.

**You may also choose to deepen this experience with a rare, personal soul reading session with Stewart Pearce offered for a very limited time period after this event. Your reading will be via Telephone or Zoom so you can be anywhere in the world to connect with Stewart. You can choose to book the transmission and your personal session as a special VIP offer when you book your ticket.

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