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Healing the Planet - Starting with your backyard

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Shaun Kirwan

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Time: 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Address: Healing Space, Bristol, UK. BS4 4QW

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Telephone Number: 07879878348

Price: £80 - £55 conc

Refreshments: Teas, Coffee. Lunch: Bring food to share.. Hot vegan soup available.

A Two-Day Workshop In Practical Geomancy, Bristol, UK


This introduction to the vast subject of Geomancy will provide you with tools for:
Developing a greater relationship to our local landscapes and the earth.
A deeper understanding of Earth Energies & an introduction to the art of dowsing.
Awareness of the roles of the Nature and Angelic Kingdoms.
Practical healing methods for use in your own area.Creating your own sacred space.
Using dowsing for health. Psychic protection.
Clearing Geopathic stress and Curry/Hartman Grids.

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