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METATRON'S CUBE - The True Nature of Angels

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Jayn Lee-Miller

The Academy of Angelic Healing

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Time: 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Address: Academy of Angelic Healing, 17 Wellington Terrace, Harrow on the Hill, London, Middlesex. HA1 3EP

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Telephone Number: 07925127222

Price: £165 includes a set of 7 clear crystal platonic solids and pouch.

Refreshments: included. Please bring lunch and a bottle of water and a pair of socks or slippers

How to connect and work authentically with Angels

METATRON'S CUBE - The True Nature of Angels

This workshop is for everybody who truly wants to understand the nature of angels.

Discover the principles of The Angelic Kingdom of Light, the Sacred Design which is the Metatron's Cube.

This workshop will reveal the construction, nature and power of that which we call The Archangel Metatron and explains the Divine and angelic energy in its true form.

Those attending this workshop do not have to be attuned to Angelic Reiki. It is for everybody who truly wants to understand the nature of angels.

This concise workshop will reveal the spiritual science that underpins Angelic Reiki and presents the fundamental principles of Metatronic Design.

This is an opportunity for everyone to experience a profound introduction to the Sacred Design that is Metatron and the principles that are the foundation for the profound healing that is Angelic Reiki.

This workshop is based on the wisdom of Metatron that Angelic Reiki comes from and it will give Angelic Reiki Master Teachers and their students a deeper and clearer understanding of how angels are created and how Angelic Reiki works.

It will be much easier for Angelic Reiki students to grasp the true nature of angels if they take this workshop either prior to, during or after their Angelic Reiki journey.

We will answer these questions:

What/Who is the Archangel Metatron?
What is Metatron's Cube?
How is it created?
How does this define creation and Angels?
How does this define who you are as a Divine being?
What does it tell us about the Angelic Kingdom of Light?
How does it reveal the true nature of Angels?
What part can it play in liberating us from illusion?
What does it tell us about the nature of this reality and humanity?

The two day workshop will include information or meditations on the following:-

Opening, dedication and clearing of the workshop space.

Connecting with the essence of Archangel Metatron as you become aware of your own spherical consciousness.

The History of Angels. Why we have not been told the truth about their existence.

Angels as archetypes of creation.

The Flower of Life and how this is created.

The Golden Mean Ratio.

The Fibonacci sequence.

How you can know you are made in the likeness of the Creator, know that you are also the Creator and experience this and your own creations.

Meditations with clear quartz platonic solids after which a set of 7 will be given to each attendee for their own use.

Information on the 21.12.2012 end of the world phenomena when three cycles ended, 26,000 years, 260,000 years and 260,000,000 years.

DNA, Karma and Cellular clearing meditation

Showing of YouTube videos

Introducing the 72 Archangels of Metatron and how to create your own Magical Archangelic Sound Formula using their names.

Your true Guardian Angels.

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