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Mary Magdalene Reiki Practitioner Workshop

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Sheila Barnes

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Time: 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Address: Ushaw College, Durham

Telephone Number: 07878566847

Price: £120.00

venue in Durham

Mary Magdalene Reiki Practitioner Workshop

I am delighted and honoured to respond to requests and continue to provide this workshop in the North East of England. The Attunement to Mary Magdalene Reiki is different from other Attunements in that it brings a balance of the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine energies within each person attuned. This healing system brings forth the energy of unconditional love and strength embodied by Mary Magdalene. She is coming to us as a great servant of the Light, raising consciousness and vibration through her deep love, compassion and devotion to humanity. Mary Magdalene was most definitely a High Priestess of Isis, a woman trained in the sacred mysteries in the Temples of Egypt and a true embodiment of the Divine Feminine. Incarnated on Earth, she was a woman of great significance, power, wisdom, compassion and spirituality, and shared the journey of Ascended Master Yeshua (Sananda)

“Mary” means healer. She wishes us to bring balance and healing to the masculine and feminine principles in each of us and to empower women to fully embrace the sacredness of their bodies, their sensuality, their sexuality and their connection to the Heart of Mother Earth. We seek to anchor Mary Magdalene’s divine energies here on Earth, to walk her path so that we too can embody unconditional love and work for the betterment of all humanity. She calls us to step forward as Priestesses of the Divine Feminine, remembering our own true divinity and soul’s purpose. She is here to teach us how to reclaim and empower our sacredness.

With this Reiki of Mary Magdalene we will awaken our inner magic ability to trust and flow and will develop the ability to awaken to the connection with the female energy from which will flow comfort, enthusiasm for living in the now, unconditional love and connection with your authentic self. Mary Magdalene Reiki brings a deep feeling of calm, and from that deep sense of calmness comes the strength we all need in order to move forward. It is a beautiful attunement of empowerment.

As a Divine I Am Practitioner I will also hold the sacred space throughout the day, energies that will embrace and support you as you open up to the Magdalene energies, your heart centre and to the energies of unconditional love. I will also include Pleaidian Energies which blend beautifully with this Reiki module.

As a prerequisite to attend this workshop you need to be already attuned to at least Reiki Practitioner Level or attuned to Practitioner Level of a Healing Modality such as Angelic Reiki, Seichem etc as the Mary Magdalene Energies are of a higher celestial frequency.

The Workshop includes attunement to the Mary Magdalene Reiki energy (the attunement includes ritual and ceremony), Course material, some voice/toning practice, practice using the energies and Practitioner Certification. All will take place within the beautiful setting of Ushaw College, Durham

The cost is £120.00 Booking is essential as is a non-refundable deposit of £50.00 payable at time of booking. Contact Sheila Barnes on 07878 566847 or email to secure your place. Would you like to see this workshop available in your region? Contact me to discuss the possibility.

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