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Listing a Venue - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Once we've paid & set up our new Venue ‘profile', will we be able to go back & amend it at any time?
A: Absolutely. Just click on the ‘My Venues’ tab, and you’ll see in the Venues field an ‘edit’ function. Click this to amend any details you need to.

Q: I’m trying to add a UK Venue but I’m registering from an overseas address and the site says it doesn’t recognise my postcode. What do I do?
A: The postcode field is not mandatory; in this case leave it blank and your registration will be accepted.

Q: Do I need to fill in all the fields during registration?
A: No, only fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

Q: I want to register, but my category is not listed on your registration forms?
A: Please contact us and we will consider adding your category to the list.

Q: How long after registering my details will the information appear in your directory?
A: Your details will appear after approval by our team. This process will not exceed 24hrs unless otherwise stated.

Q: I want to add photos to my entry, but there was no option for this at registration?
A: There are two pages to the registration process; once you have completed the first page with your contact details, you will click ‘Continue’. The next page is for uploading your Venue images, and you can add up to 6. You can skip this step, but a profile picture is highly recommended.

Q: There are lots of different kinds of computer image - which should I use?
A: The software which comes with your scanner/camera will typically give you a large choice of image format distinguished by the different file extensions (e.g. tiff, bmp, jpg, etc.). It is important that you choose the correct one or you will not be able to upload your image. We accept images in the following formats:

  • JPEG (.jpg)
  • PNG (.png)
  • GIF (.gif)

We recommend that you use JPEG images as they provide the best trade-off between image size and quality, but you are free to use PNG and GIF images also. When you capture your image, make sure that you have saved it as a JPEG file (as in, 'test.jpg').

Q: How will I know when my next subscription is due?
A: You’ll receive an automatic renewal reminder before your sub is next due for renewal.

Q: Can I remove Venue details during the course of a subscription year?
A: Yes. Simply log-in, go to My Venues in the Venues directory, and delete the Venue.

Q: I have a short video I’d like to embed into my Venue page; is this possible?
A: Not at the moment. It may be integrated if we have enough requests, and we will keep the database informed of any updates as and when they happen.

Q: Can I have my company logo on my page and my clients’ pages?
A: Yes, you can upload your company logo to your Venue(s) page. However, the first image that you upload to a Venue(s) page should be a photograph of the Venue.

Q: How do I pay?
A: Once you have uploaded your jpgs (or skipped this particular step) you will be forwarded to our Paypal secure payment page, which also allows for credit card payment. Once your details are checked and confirmed, your listing will be forwarded to us for approval.

Q: I updated my page but I still can't see the changes
A: This may happen with some older web browsers. You need to select the "Refresh" or "Reload" function on your browser and the changes should become visible. If you cannot find this function it may be necessary to exit and restart your web browser

Q: I get an error message when I login.
A: It is possible that you have typed your password or username incorrectly.
Your password must be entered exactly as given when you registered (upper and lower case do matter).
If you are sure that you are entering your details correctly, then your web browser is probably not configured to accept ‘cookies’. The instructions for enabling cookies are different in every web browser, so consult the documentation supplied with your browser.

For Internet Explorer the process is as follows:

  • In Internet Explorer, click Internet Options from the Tools menu (or the View menu in Internet Explorer version 4.x).
  • In Internet Explorer 5, click the Security tab, and then click Custom Level. Click Enable under Allow cookies that are stored on your computer.
  • In Internet Explorer 4.x, click the Advanced tab, and then click Always Accept Cookies.
  • Click OK until you return to Internet Explorer and try again.